Me in 2021

I know that I have to set daily and weekly goals to keep focus, get rewards and structure my life around those goals. After all it is still important to set up long term goals in order to see where the overall journey is heading and I need to know whether my short term goals are in line with my long term goals and the overall legacy I want to build up. 


It is weird to setup social goals at all. What would you think about a goal like "I want to make X friends." or "I want to have an everlasting relationship."? I mean seriously I can not force anyone to like me. But I think I can work on to follow my legacy, which I wrote down in the WHO I AM section. So in 2021 I want to have group of 5 to 10 people for whom I would do anything and who would do anything for me. Those people will be my inner circle. Around them will be a group of another 20-30 people who I keep in touch with regularly and another group of more or less loose relationships. I want to build up meaningful relationships and I want to offer value. So I want to have helped at least one other person to find his or her passion and to reach his or her goals. As long as I am in relationships I will want to be honest and I will want to love my partner relentlessly. I want that every split up happens without the other person hating me. 

I can bear big burdens and I want to help others but I do not want to surround myself with people who are dragging me down all the time and I do not want to be a downer myself. I am aware that I am a very emotional person and that it is hard to cope with me from time to time but I will try to stay as positive as I can and say "sorry" and "thank you" whenever appropriate.

I want to be confident introducing myself to new people and inspire people to develop a personal or professional relationship with me.


I want to be an entrepreneur. I do not want to trade time and happiness against money. I am willing to live like a student for the next 5 years as long as I do not have to work for others. That being said I will need to earn money as soon as I finished my master's degree. Therefore I will work for others part time while building and growing my own business until it can sustainably earn enough income for me and my business partners. In 5 years I want to be independent from other sources of income.


I want to have mastered singing and beaten my depression. I want to live healthily and be stronger and more resilient to both physical and emotional strength. I want to keep up a positive attitude. I want my Podcast 'Ehrensache' to have at least 300 episodes. I want to either live in my own apartment or at least have to rooms, one for work and one for 'free time'. That being said this achievement is less important than the sustainable living on my own business. I want to have taken an important part in some NGO or Club and I want to have organized at least one event with at least 1000 visitors.

I want to be able to speed read and I want to have read at least 37 000 pages.