21st century Muslim

It's been a long time since I have posted something here. Or anywhere for that matter. I joined a little NGO in the end of July 2016. This lead to me doing less and less work for my masters thesis and eventually hanging around there more or less 24/7.  I'm still in the process of going back from there to a "healthy" way of doing it and I will most likely write a blog post about it in the not to far future, but right now I want to talk about something else.

I converted to Islam, one of the biggest religions on planet earth and a religion with a lot of very interesting aspects to it. I need to explain all of these aspects with single posts for each of them and just wanted to give a little introduction to the topic as it is one that I've lately been thinking about quite a lot.

No worries: I won't start being sexist, try to convince you to convert, run around with weapons or stop having fun and humor. I stopped eating pork and drinking alcohol though, which is incredibly hard to do, if you love both of which as much as I do and live in Germany....

I'm looking forward to writing about my thoughts about this interesting religion in the coming days and weeks. Have a great week!