At this point in time I am absolutely euphoric. I need to conserve this moment as I feel like I can survive anything and reach every  goal I want to reach. There is tougher to be done to than battling my depression and I will do it. I will win and I will finish every challenge I want to afterwards.

Of course I now know that I can't do everything on my own. I will always heavily rely on friends and family and I am proud that so many people tend to like me and I don't even know why they do so, but in the end no one else besides me will get me out of that swamp. No one is going to come to me and drag me out of it but me. 

So, beloved ex-girlfriend: If you should ever read this, you shall know, that I love you. Perhaps I love you more than ever before and I really want to thank you for dumping me. I stopped waiting for you to get me out of my bad mood. I stopped relying on a single person who was not meant to bear it. I thank you so much for dumping me and therefore teaching me another very important lesson. Thanks.