He sat in his grandma's living room staring at the TV without even noticing what was going on. Caught in his thoughts he didn't even try to listen to her words. The cloud-covered sky eliminated all emotion in this working class neighbourhood. All of the city had seen better days but today it felt worse than ever.

He didn't even know how to explain it. Chased by an inexpressible anxiety every part of his body needed to leave this place. All of the sudden he just said to his grandma that he had to leave interrupting her pleading on the importance of discipline. He smiled at her in a way that would make him freeze if he saw it in others, because he knew the feeling he had bound to it. 

Having promised not to hurt himself he ran away neglecting her sadness. He just couldn't. What was it? What was the thing he couldn't do? He didn't know. He ran down the hallway putting his earplugs where they belonged and turned up the music until he couldn't listen to his own thoughts while he was running back home...