Why do people do stuff? How do they choose what they want to do? Why do I do stuff? Those are some of the questions I have been struggling with for quite some time. 

I have always seen people who just knew what they wanted to do. In fact everyone besides me seemed like they knew what they wanted to do. I always felt different because I did not. I would change what I do periodically because I just couldn't stand the old task anymore. 

I've spoken about it with my brother the other day and he said that I should just keep on trying until I find something that would make me always think about it. Then I had another call with my beloved friend David. And he asked the most profound question:

Why do you even need to stay with one thing? Probably your thing is to always move on and explore new stuff and talk about them.

And that's why I love him. I mean basically that is why I started studying physics after all: I loved the idea of learning new stuff every day and changing my project every once in a while. I mean truth be told: The studies are hard work and most of the day I don't really get to learn something new. I rather apply stuff that I had already known on new fields or learn something over and over again so that I can apply it in an exam. 

That's why I started to devote myself to health, fitness, self growth and psychology topics using my most favourite medium: podcasts. That's why I have always wanted to own a company: I want to try out stuff throw ideas into the room and have other people do the 'hard work'. 

But that's not all the beauty in these two sentences: the other part, talking about the part that I just got to know is as important as getting there. I really regret that I did not speak about the things that excite me for quite a long time. I just need too. That's why I have always been seeking new people. Because I needed new people to talk too. I needed new space to throw ideas and thoughts in and see what other people think about it. I needed to be heard. 

So what do I do with that why that I have just found? Well I put it into action. I am already working to get a podcast up and running. I am listening to more podcasts. I will pursue my studies in physics until I have this master's degree and I will try to find something where I can reinvent myself every day.