Get out of your way

Yesterday I joined my singing class for another round of totally awesome singing done by me. Well everyone who knows me also knows, that I am very incapable when it comes to hitting the right notes. That being said I started to take singing classes because I want to improve that. 

Singing as always been the best way to express my feelings since I don't really know how to do it speaking for myself (or at least I always feel uncomfortable when doing it). Singing would help me to find peace and calm and cope with my feelings when I was alone and for much longer times than talking about it would do.

During one of my first singing classes I also got to know and important fact, why people like me are wired to use singing to express their feelings and emotions: We as human beings start to sing very early in our lives. In fact: we start it right away. (At least my teacher explained it to me that way.) We scream and cry and laugh and express all of those great feelings by using our voice. When we get older we learn how to behave and how to suppress showing our feelings even though they are still there. Singing then is our way of taking this way of expressing feelings by making noises back and allows us to be and show what we're usually not allowed too. My teacher also told me that this is also the reason, why our voices tend to get higher, when we're very emotional. 

The very lesson I took away, however, was the following: I am much better in hitting the notes sung by my teacher or played on the piano when I don't really have time to think. I always used to say "To get something done, you just need to get out of your way". I knew that I had to stop thinking, complaining and worrying about the work I had to do and just do it. So why didn't I just apply this tactics in any field of life? For example the struggle with my inner self when I needed to clean up my room: Why not just do it and safe time? Why not get out of my way when singing? Why didn't I trust myself on this one thing? I can see how this is an important theme throughout all of my life, it did play a very important role in my last relationship, and I will try to fix this asap.