Real love

After one relationship I might not have to much entitlement to write about love, but I will just do it anyways. Who would have guessed. Anyways, I have the strong feeling that now that the relationship is over and I am in fact caring more for myself, I am also more confident in caring for others. I feel that I can finally stop waiting to be loved. I have been meditating for 40 days in a row and I feel more mindful every day. 

During the last few days I got the strong feeling that I'd rather interpret love in the altruistic way. I want to use that new quality of my state of mind to improve the lives of the people around me. Finally I feel like I can give more than what I receive. Meditation is quite awesome.

I am quite sure that I am still to unstable to be part of a two human relationship but I can still learn to be the best version of myself at any given point in time.