Get out of my way

This will definitely be one of my most favorite articles. Pascal must have been thinking something like this or something very similar as he was creating the draft for this post. It took only a year and a half to eventually get to write this post.

The biggest win in terms of productivity which I found for myself is that idea of getting out of my way. I found it somewhere between third and fourth semester in university. I had failed every exam during the first two semesters of my studies, but I had the will to finish my degree in the standard period of 5 years for the bachelor's and master's. The third semester was when I learned how to study, a skill which I hadn't picked up in school. 

I had and still have a very good friend who was in with me on that goal and so we agreed to learn for every exam together. 4 weeks of at least 5 days a week for one exam. In some kind that friend taught me that very important lesson. He was my trainer. He knew exactly how much time he needed for a given task and he had no excuses for himself. 

With him I learned to stop to complain about my tasks. I hated almost every second of studying, but together we just pushed through it. During that time I still managed to meet with people once or twice a week even though I was still visiting my grandmother once a week.

Here is what I think makes this so effective:

- If you just start attacking your problem, you won't procrastinate on your task for an hour before you start doing it anyways: 1 hour won

- If you know that you need to get shit down in order to be able to allow yourself to see your crush, you'll be a lot more motivated.

- We had one goal, we had a very clear task to execute in order for us to reach that goal and so the only discussion we had was whether or not to prolong the lunch break for 20 minutes more or not.

Only when I got out of this super working relationship I saw that I was performing better than most of my pears and I saw other struggle a lot with even starting a task. I've talked about James Clear's website a couple of times before and I still believe, it's a great resource for hacking your productivity. Start something now!