I thought I'd probably put out a list on things I am or have been working on. Unfortunately most of those things are or have been produced in German. Sorry guys (and girls)!

What I do


  • Some friends of mine and me are streaming games we play on Twitch and publish those videos later on on Youtube using the German pun Lootspender.
  • I am twittering using the name @wuenschelroot
  • About 7-8 years ago a friend of mine an me started the German tech bog codingcave.de which is soon to become a real startup I am thrilled about the products we are going to bring out there.
  • On Facebook I can be found under the name Pascalos Gigantos
  • I am currently working on a German podcast on volunteer work called Ehrensache.fm


  • I am currently using the great Freeletics.com app. It gives me weekly work out plans, that I've been sticking to for 6 weeks now. It really helps me overcome my inner feeling of not doing anything.
  • Some running + I try to get my 10k steps every day
  • For meditating I use the great app by headspace.com. It helped me overcome me sleep problems and I always turn it on when I am in a particular bad mood. It really helps me a lot throughout the day.
  • I take Vitamin C supplements, Fish oil, and a combined Calcium, Magnesia, Vitamin D3 supplement. I take the last one to fill up my vitamin D sources.


  • I ride a motor bike even though I have to admit that I don't really have any time to spent on it right now. Also the strength of my depressed phase makes me wonder whether this is a good hobby to follow.
  • hanging out with friend playing board games. If anyone is interested in my most preferred ones, just reach out to me on twitter or via Mail ;)
  • nerding off on science and computer stuff.
  • visiting the Chaos Computer Club in Berlin once in a while and going to Chaos Communication Congress are definitely two important things I want to do more often.
  • building up electronic circuits especially the ones that make me have fancy lighting effects in my room.
  • I regularly listen to podcasts. Probably I will put them down on this list later on too.


I am currently working on my master thesis. I guess that's enough for now.

Obviously I have a LinkedIn-Profile 


WHat I've Done 

Most of the things I quit have been done for a span of 1-4 years. 


In my childhood I've been playing with filming and taking photos a lot. Both of which still bring me a lot of joy and I guess with the new things I produce they are still important but it's not like I would just film stuff for the sake of doing it anymore.

Since 5th grade I have been creating websites for me and I guess some of this will still happen during my work at codingcave.de 


Let me first dump in all the sports things I have done or tried out:

  • handball (2 years)
  • football/soccer (2years)
  • rugby (3 times)
  • chess (probably not really part of the health division. Or would it count as meditation?)
  • flying a glider (only 2 or three times since I ran out of time that year. Would probably be worth pursuing it another time.)
  • rowing (I did this for 7 years and still enjoy to get out on the lake once in a while)
  • table tennis (2 years)
  • badminton (2-3 years)
  • archery (2 weeks)
  • swimming (4 years) 
  • Thai Chi (2 times)
  • Karate (2 years)

I guess I won't include the different books and rules I've followed over the years. The books can be found on the "What I've read" page anyways.


  • Finished my A-levels in 2011
  • Finished my Bachelor of Science in Physicist TU Berlin in 2015
    • wrote my bachelor thesis on "Numerical studies on the expansions of super bubbles with RAMSES GPU"
  • worked at simpletechs a nice little start up in Berlin for 3 months in 2015