All photography provided by Jared Chambers

I am a currently working at calimoto, a gps navigation app and social network for motorcycles. I want to become an entrepreneur and live a happy live while sharing my story to empower others to do the same.


My Mission

I don't really have any. I basically try to improve my life as well as the lives of others around me. I think that I am not meant to work for others which makes me think that I should work my butt of to become an entrepreneur. I started this blog basically to describe my struggles with the depression but I guess I will struggle a lot with a lot of different things, my ego especially, so it's probably contain a lot of complaints about this and that.

I haven’t had a good day in three weeks. I have to work everyday to make it a good day, which is kind of empowering.
— Me

I realized that I need to set up a general direction for my life. This does not necessarily mean that I am not allowed to change that overall, but I should be somewhat constant. So this is why I define right now as what kind of person I want to be remembered as.

  • Friends and Family are most important. I feel like I failed to stick to that rule during the last years, but I want to change that. This does not mean that I am with my friends all the time. It rather means that I make space for activities with friends at least two times a week and that I help them no matter what when they are in need.
  • I give more than I receive. I guess this one is self explanatory. I am fine with caring more for others than I care for myself. But I will need to constantly care for myself first, because I can not be strong for others if I do not do my homework.
  • I take control in my own life without obsessing about it. Bad things happen. I want to learn a lesson every time I try to achieve something and if things go wrong that's just what happens. On the other hand I won't blame others or some higher force if something in my life sucks, it's my turn to change it.
  • I want to be accountable for everything that I say. I do not want to lie and I do not want give false promises.
  • I achieve everything that I want to achieve. If I fail at the first time, I learn from that rebuild my tactics and strength and try it again. Everyone makes mistakes but if I learn from them they can not hold me back for long.
  • I want to leave a footprint. I want to improve peoples lives. I am not quite sure right now how I will do this, but I want to have a positive impact on thousands of lives. 

What I've Achieved

  • Master's degree in Physics
  • Make a lot of very good friends
  • Release a cool app with the startup I'm working for
  • Loosing a lot of weight multiple times in my life
  • Soldering some funny lighting stuff
  • Create this homepage